Andrew Rodriguez

Almost all businesses online know that LinkedIn is the top social media platform on which to score sales and make business contacts. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, LinkedIn attracts millions of other businesses also competing against each other for a top spot in the algorithm and also to be noticed by others.

There is much confusion among business owners trying to get the attention of others on LinkedIn. Many do not have the time or the knowledge to see much success on this platform.

The Lix Blog, written by knowledgeable LinkedIn automation expert, Alfie Lambert was created to effectively clear up the confusion and impart knowledge plus the tools to engage more effectively on LinkedIn.

Whether selling cosmetics, currency exchange services, or all other types of business products and services, the Lix Blog clears up how to automate messages, connection requests, email obtainment, and how to accumulate followers and of course, “shares” on this platform.

There is also the possibility of importing the email addresses of other businesses on LinkedIn. This is done to compose and send more personal outreach emails targeted specifically to the business owner. Each business owner can be entirely different even if in the same niche.

What hampers those that use automation on LinkedIn is the rather robotic outreach messages that can occur. Anything that sounds robotic will simply trigger business owners to delete the message or simply not respond.

Alfie Lambert provides a tool that does not sound robotic and therefore can engage a business owner into accepting someone as a contact on LinkedIn, or in the best-case scenario, can spur a business owner or member of LinkedIn into making a purchase.

Not all members of LinkedIn will be business owners. Some individuals join simply to view offerings by businesses. The tools, tips, and tricks offered by the Lix Blog and Alfie Lambert will create a list of consumers that can be targeted as well with a few clicks.

Reports are generated so no member of LinkedIn that uses the Lix Blog and Alfie Lambert’s tools will be left in the dark about how well each campaign is going. Data is crucial to effective marketing on LinkedIn as is the automation needed to rise to the top of the rankings, and most importantly, to stay there.

Whether a beginner to LinkedIn or a long-term member, knowing where to find connections and how to message them effectively does require automation. Hours spent fruitlessly doing the posts, messages, and follow-ups by hand will not lead a business to success on this popular platform.

Visiting the Lix Blog, trying the automation, and seeing the results will prove that Alfie Lambert knows how to defeat the large business platform that LinkedIn has become over the years. Frustration with LinkedIn ends with the Lix Blog. Enjoy success without stress for once on LinkedIn finally! LinkedIn does work and works well but assistance is needed via automation.  


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