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What’s your smash style? Find out here, then crack open the fun.


DENVER – Breaking news: Bursting onto the menu at Hacienda Colorado is a new dessert experience that you need to take a crack at. The Chocolate Piñata is making its smashing debut at all Hacienda Colorado locations, bringing with it a uniquely fun way to celebrate with family and friends.


The party starts as soon as you crack open the Chocolate Piñata, a made-from-scratch dessert found at Hacienda Colorado. Made by hand, a delicious chocolate globe is filled with homemade mini churros, fresh pineapple and strawberries. Guests crack open the chocolate delicacy with a wooden mallet and dip the contents in house-made chocolate ganache and fresh whipped cream. The Chocolate Piñata serves 4-8 people.


“Something we have all learned is to never take for granted an opportunity to celebrate” said Dan Wheeler, chief marketing officer of Hacienda Colorado. “Our signature dessert offers a great way for friends and family to gather and enjoy a fun experience alongside one another. We can’t wait to see the joy on our guests’ faces when they crack open a Chocolate Piñata.”


The Chocolate Piñata is available now when dining in at Hacienda Colorado locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Lone Tree, Westminster and Wheat Ridge.


The fun is in the experience, Wheeler noted, explaining that there are a few different methods to cracking open a Chocolate Piñata. “Everyone’s take is slightly different, but there are four general approaches people tend to use,” he said.

 “The Lumberjack”: Not one to be shy with a mallet, the lumberjack brings pure brawn to the table, smashing even the mightiest Chocolate Piñata with a single swing. Characteristics:

  • First to reach for a mallet
  • Two-handed technique
  • Complete smash in one swing
  • Smash often accompanied by primal grunts
  • Post-Smash: The Lumberjack will stake their claim, immediately reaching for the most attractive churros and chunks of fresh fruit. It’s also no surprise to see the Lumberjack claim a dipping sauce as their own. 

 “The Ninja”: Cunning and quick, the ninja wastes no time smashing the Chocolate Piñata, often freeing the fresh fruit and churros before anyone realizes who has the mallet. Characteristics:

  • Lightning-fast swings
  • Acquires mallet through stealth
  • Downward chopping angle
  • Attacks Chocolate Piñata from all sides
  • Post-Smash: The ninja moves quickly, swiping their desired fresh fruit and churros with the grace and skill of a cat. Beware, sauces go from there to gone in seconds when a ninja is present.

 “The Relayer”: A total team player, the relayer is happy to play a small role in helping to smash the Chocolate Piñata, often taking a small swing before passing the mallet down the line. Characteristics:

  • Proud member of a group
  • Gentle swings so everyone gets a turn
  • Willing to share the spotlight
  • Loudly cheers tablemates on
    • Post-Smash: The relayer is happy to share the spoils with the entire team, and is often heard recommending different sauce and fruit combinations to their tablemates.

 “The Influencer”: Chasing likes and the perfect lighting, the influencer ensures there are multiple camera angles covered before they even grab their mallet: “If a smash isn’t seen on Instagram, did it even really happen?” Characteristics:

  • Waits for the perfect lighting.
  • Checks their look before each swing.
  • Considers asking for a second Piñata for a second take.
  • Post-Smash: The influencer posts their smash video way before the last churro is dipped in sauce. The good news for everyone else at the table? They are too busy monitoring comments so you get all the best bites. 


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