The curtain is a piece of clothes which blocks the sunlight coming into the house. It is hung across the window on a rod, pole or a track. Some of these are fixed while others are moveable & work like a screen. They are used everywhere; in houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, & even in theatres or stages as a background. They can be in multiple sizes, colors, and many patterns.

They are of various types that can be operated in many ways such as by hands or by chords, and some of them can be remote controlled by computers or by pressing remote buttons.

We can say that curtains are a form of treatment for your window which complements the appearance of your house & makes it look prettier.

Pencil pleat curtains

We should not underestimate that curtains can transform your house into something else. Among various types, pencil pleat curtains give a traditional look to the windows when compared with other types. But it really does not mean that you cannot use them in modern houses, they are evenly suitable for both types. There are many reasons why pencil pleat curtains are the most popular type of curtain and these days they are a high demanding type, one of these reasons is their design and fabric choice. It is up to the customer which kind of curtain he chooses for his house. 

You can buy them in the form of readymade pencil pleat curtains from the market if your windows are in standard size or if your windows are too big or you want some other modifications, you can give the measurement to stitch these curtains for your oversized windows. These are called the made to measure curtains. There come custom made drapes as well, where you can choose the fabric type, design, size, & heading style according to your taste. They are exclusively made on order & cost more than the readymade and made to measure ones. 

Importance & Benefits OF Pencil Pleat Curtains 

Pencil pleat curtains come in various patterns or colors, so it is effortless for us to find our favorite color or design that match our place’s interior or the decor of the room. Appropriately chosen curtains can make an old house look like a brand new house. They are an excellent choice for changing the interior of your home & also add beauty to it.

They look very attractive in a casual setting for your lounge. These panel’s headers look like thin pencils sewn or packed tightly together. You can hang them by hooks, and with the help of a rod, you can easily hang these curtains if you have a ladder with strong arms.

How to measure for them?

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you measure the exact size of your curtains. You should keep in mind that if you want to have the best outcome for your house and your windows, you must accurately measure the size of your windows. Accurate & precise size is the only thing that can make your windows a beautiful piece of art. 

As long as you have the correct size information you can buy the right curtains for your house. Before measuring, you should see if the curtain pole is fixed in place. The track or pole must be extended outside the window up to 6 to 8 inches on each side to cover more space so that light doesn't pass from your window. Multiply the width by 2.5 or 3 in order to buy enough fabric that creates a perfect fall, adds volume, & covers the windows properly. Also, it would help if you hang your curtains pole about 15 centimeters above your window to create an illusion of taller windows. You can buy Oxford Window Curtains in the reasonable prices.


This article is about readymade pencil pleat curtains, their specification and benefits. They are suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. It is a bit tricky to hang & install them, but with proper guidance, you can do this without the assistance of any professional. If you are currently looking for changing your window attire, we'll recommend you to go for pencil pleat draperies without having a second thought. 

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