As digitalisation has set in, the nature of reading, writing, curating and creating content, and note-taking has changed as well. Masses have moved from the traditional way of note-taking, which involved the use of pen and paper, and with the advent of tablets for note-taking, they don’t need to stock up on their stationary items every third week. Students heading for college are on the lookout for the best tablet for note taking, within their budget, that would facilitate different strokes and colours of pen and highlighters, and don't have to stock their bags, and carry around the heavy bags. The main function of a tablet is to take notes. Students choose tablets in place of laptops since it is more convenient to carry them and travel with them. If your budget is more than two hundred dollars, and you are looking for the best tablet for note-taking, and attending google meets and zoom calls, then the list is as the following:


  1. Apple iPad Air with a 10.9-inch display, up to 256 GB storage, a 12 MP Camera, and compatibility with the Apple Pencil, you can sketch, along with taking notes, watch virtual seminars, connect with cellular data, students can add Bluetooth keyboard, and very lightweight to travel around with, but the problem is, it is only customisable with iOS

  2. Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16, with a 15.6 display, is considered to be the best tablet for note-taking, and the best with a pen for pro artists. This provides the artists with 2D and 3D. A high-performing tablet, it has one of the best stylus pens, accurate ExpressKeys, and a Radial Dial. Even though it is not as lightweight, therefore it might be not extremely portable and friendly, however, its stylus with 8192 pressure sensitivity, is a win-win for an artist

  3. Microsoft Surface Go3, with an Intel Core i3 processor, weighing just a pound, and a very massive battery life, and is quickly chargeable, it is one of the most optimum options for the best tablet for note taking. It has a facial recognition camera, and a high resolution, extremely beneficial for virtual meetings, the problems are, firstly stylus and keyboard are sold separately, and customisations get expensive.

  4. Huion Kamvas Studio, with a 21.5-inch active drawing area, it is considered one of the best tablets for note taking, that too, within a budget. The tablet can handle photoshop and other video editing software. The only problem is, even though it is budget-friendly, it is not portable and is a large desk-based device. It comes with a stylish pen stylus tech, and RAM performance which provides excellent speed while using and en efficient fluidity. 

  5. Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus, priced around $200, has up to 64GB storage, and Octo-core 2.0 GHz CPU, its function is akin to Kindle, and this is fully equipped with a 10.1 display, as a student you are provided with enough storage to keep your notes. However, it comes with a not good quality camera, and not as many app options are available. 

  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, considered one of the most responsive tablets in the market, it has 512GB storage, and the high-resolution 11-inch display screen makes it a leisure to record lectures and view live streaming, making it one of the best tablets for note-taking. Though it is expensive, the tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU allows for the conversion of a pen-paper taken notes saved into digital work. But if you are not an android user, the interface can be troubling in the beginning. It comes with a stylus as well.