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2020 is already the highest-selling year for weed in Colorado

The Denver Post (Food Retail) 12/9 12:22P Tiney Ricciardi
Colorado dispensaries sold more marijuana in the first 10 months of 2020 than they did during a record-setting sales year in 2019. October sales totaled more than $199.7 million in October, pushing the state’s annual revenue to more than $1.8...

Soups, stews and more cold-weather takeout for when temps drop around Denver

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 11/9 9:01A Josie Sexton, The Know
As the temperature drops, we’re craving all things slurpable from soups and stews to noodles, dumplings and more. This guide to Denver-area winter takeout is just a sampling, of course. But it covers a number of cuisines (see Chinese, Korean,...

What dining outside in Denver will look (and feel like) this winter

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 10/28 3:53A Josie Sexton, The Know
Sunday morning, with temperatures hovering below 15 degrees and snow falling, I nearly prompted the end of my relationship by insisting we drive across town to drink coffee and eat pastries, outside of a restaurant but inside a plastic...

23 Colorado breweries take home medals at 2020 Great American Beer Fest

The Dever Post (Food & Dining) 10/16 3:35P The Know
The 2020 Great American Beer Festival was unlike any other since its founding in 1982 thanks to the pandemic, which forced the country’s biggest beer extravaganza to be canceled. However, that didn’t keep the event’s signature beer competition,...
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