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Denver faces housing shortage amid high construction costs, mortgage rates

The Denver Post (Real Estate) 7/5 12:00A Sara B. Hansen
Limited housing continues to increase home prices as homeowners who secured low interest rates are reluctant to move. But building new houses isn t an easy fix to the problem. Despite a surge of millennials entering their prime homebuying years,...

Old, shuttered motel on Denver’s East Colfax to be revived

The Denver Post (Real Estate) 6/21 6:10A Judith Kohler
Construction has started on what is expected to be a yearlong project of turning a shutdown, shambles of a motel on East Colfax Avenue into a rejuvenated stop for visitors and a bright spot in the...

This city offers people moving to Colorado the best bang for the buck

The Denver Post (Real Estate) 5/27 2:00A Aldo Svaldi
With fewer people moving across state lines, and population growth slowing , places within Colorado will have to compete harder with each other to attract new residents. But where can future residents find the biggest bang for the buck? Grand...
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